Individual Application

SERAPH is an extremely exclusive and private organisation. To be considered for membership, please understand that you must, at a minimum, adhere to the following:

  • You are an accredited or qualified investor.
  • You either own or have previously owned your own successful business, or you are a highly motivated professional at the pinnacle of your industry.
  • You are a collaborator who understands that the universal law of attraction applies and you are a participant, not a spectator in life.
  • You are confident but not arrogant. You have a healthy ego, but you live by the mantra “walk softly, carry a big stick.” If you are a braggart or feel the need to let us all know how great you are, please don’t bother, we hate asking people to leave the group!

The following describes the initial SERAPH review process:


Phone call

Partner Review

Member Review


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